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Tax Professionals Why Call Us

  • If you are looking to improve your quality of life, attract larger clients while generating new revenues.

  • If you feel that compliance work has become a commodity.

  • Become the most relevant advisor to your most important clients.

  • Transform from a reactive, backwards looking tax professional to a proactive, forward looking tax professional.

  • Provide a turnkey business advisory service to your business owner clients.

  • Bill for your years of cognitive intellect and experience, instead of giving it away.

  • Learn how to charge higher fees.

  • Help you to develop a marketing strategy that target the clients you want.

Business Owners

  • We Help Business owners who pay more than 6 figures in tax to either defer, minimize or eliminate tax utilizing 14 proven strategies.

  • Addressing tax aspects of selling your business -With skillful planning it’s possible to minimize, defer or sometimes almost eliminate these taxes.

  • Tax Reduction means fewer needs for a growth plan.

  • Business Consulting

    • Help to maximize business potential.
    • Help to maximize profits.
    • Provide ongoing accountability coaching.
    • Create a vision that all employees will buy into.
    • Create a company that someone will want to buy and be able to step into and operate.
    • Ability to provide any resources needed to accomplish your vision.
    • Sell your company, eliminating capital gains.

Real Estate Professionals

  • We help get clients to list their properties who were reluctant to sell because of the forecasted Tax Implications.

  • Outside the traditional 1031 exchange we use 13 other strategies to minimize, defer and sometimes almost eliminate these taxes.

  • Help to develop a marketing strategy that target the clients you want.

Business Brokers Why Call Us

  • Would a faster sales cycle help you to achieve your goals and quality of life?

  • What are the tax considerations when selling a business?

  • Is a Tax-Free Sale Possible?

  • We can address tax issues proactively.


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